Aakash 4 tablet hit Indian market in DEC,13

World’s cheapest android tablet Aakash’s new variant Aakash 4 is going to launch in last month of this year or onward.The Indian Govt. Unveiled features and specification of this new tablet. Aakash 4 run on android version 4.2.2 (jelly bean) and powered by 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM , Which is quiet impressive.

 Aakash 4 Support multi language like Hindi,Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Guajarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Bihari, Assamese, Bishnupriya ,Manipuri, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Devanagari scripts.Finally Aakash tabs featured with Google Play Store.Govt. says that Aakash Not only have Google’store but also his own Aakash store. Main problem with Aakash tabs and other Same priced tabs is that,there battery lifeis very low. Govt. made these tabs for Indian student and an average student needs atleast 5-6 hours of study  and These tabs deliverers only 3 hours of battery backup which is very low. The tech experts of Aakash knows this problem and solve this by extent the battery life of Aakash by more 3 hours.It means now Aakash tabs have atleast 6-7 hours of battery backup.I think Aakash become more powerful and Govt. give strength to Aakash to be in market. Hope the performance of this tab is good as its specification.I update this post by its full specification so do not forget to subscribe our website by your email address or by liking or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.thank you 🙂


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