My Paper Plan 2 (3d): Review

Hi friends today I am going to review a motion sensor game that is ‘My paper plan 2’.


It is world famous motion based game. As shows by name it is a til to fly type game. This game is best for tasting your phone’s motion sensor. This game revive your past children days. Let’s start to reviewing this game.


This game is presented by wevecade. This game is run almost all the android device those have android version 2.3 or above. The game really feel like original paper plan game because of 3d graphics. The game have main 4 levels to play.

1- Canion  Town
2-Evening City
3-Laguna Run
4-Neon Speedway

One extra tutorial demo is given. Every main level have 4 co-levels.

1- Easy
2- Middle
4-Full On

Every co-level have different level of hardness. The graphical show was just amazing. This is a really a very good time killing game. For graphical representation I gives him 4/5.


As sound effect this game is not do best as compare to the game’s graphic effect. I gives him 3/5.

So this is my review of this game. To download this game click here
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2 thoughts on “My Paper Plan 2 (3d): Review

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  2. thanks for compliment. I am still working on my new project. if you like my blog post than follow us. and thanks again.

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