Death Trigger : Review

Hi friends today I am going to review a very famous shooting game that is death trigger. it is a zombie shooting game. I personally love to play this game. It is another product of MAD FINGER. Which is already present very popular shooting SHADOW GUN.

We review this game on following bases-
Graphics – the graphics of the game is simply awesome. Every second its foes on your mind that exactly you are encountering the zombies. Animation is good. Face of zombie is nice horror. I love the time when I have a shoot gun and a zombie come toward me and I gun point to her brain and BOOM, her face is completely off. I loved that. good job.
Sound effect- as graphic quality sound is superb . The sound of gun boom is awesome. And remove of lump from body of zombie is good. It is good matched of graphics and sound.

Gun list- there is following awesome guns listed below
·         colt – 1911
·         Walter p99
·         scorpion
·         colt m4
·         Winchester
·         chain t-800
·         grand. launcher
·         brain – mill
·         cross bow
·         alien gun
·         RMGT -870
·         lupara
·         Enfield – 303
·         project – 90
·         AK – 47
·         UZI
·         mini gun
·         KSG
·         lewis
·         bren
·         striker
·         RMGT Tactics
Guns are very effective. Very realistic view.
It is a free game available at Google play.
Click here to download this game.
“And beware this game is not for heart peasant. hahahahahahahahahaaaaaahhaaa”

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