Cloud Storage

In these days we can not afford if a hacker hack your computer and steal your personal and secret files from your PC. So what is solution of this problem? cloud storage. Cloud storage is only why for a unique way to protect your file from these activities. An another cause of store your files online is if your phone have not enough memory than you can cloud those files and access these file from any where. Here i am sort listed some most user friendly cloud storage portals. where you can store your files,videos,images etc for free.

1- Google Drive

Cloud storage is also deliver by Google. Name Google drive. Its provide you 15GB of free storage for lifetime.If you want than you can also share your files,videos,images with you family,friends and fans.You can access Google drive from your Google account.You can access your docs,videos and image offline as well.If you have an android phone than you can download Google drive app from Google play.

2- Dropbox 

Dropbox is also a good option for you.It is provide only 5GB of storage but you can also expand you GBs by buying extra space.As Google drive you can also access your stuffs offline as well.You should also share your stuffs online on Facebook,Twitter and other social networking websites. It provide you double step verification.Its also available on android and IOS platforms.You can and download dropbox for your pc as well so that you should always keep in touch with your memories.

3- 4shared 

4shared is similar to Google drive.As Google drive 4shared provide 15GB of storage. 4shared have a feature of drop-down manu. Its makes simple to share your files.Its avalable on android ios and other working platforms.

4- JustCloud 

There are several reason why choose Justcloud.
  • Unlimited cloud storage 
  • 100% automated backup
  • complete data security 
  • Lost laptop? find it with justcloud
  • Drop & down feature 

It is avlable on all platforms. You can download them. For android user you should download justcloud from     Google play.


Box is similar to other cloud storage portal. Its provide 5GB of storage on personal account.You can share you file online.Its quick and easy.It is avlable on android and ios can download box from Google play.
My Recommendation 
Google drive is best for all because it is available for all platforms. Its free,fast,easy and you have not to register for that if you have a Google account.
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