Blogger vs WordPress

Which is best website for blogging for you ?

This question is always asked by people who were going  to start a blogspot. People dose not know how to select a perfect blogspot for them. Its very important to select a perfect blogspot because its complete your exportation from your blog. Ones you built your blogspot then you cannot get back your feet. here is some basic diffraction between wordpress and blogger.

  1. Its made a very professional looking blogspot.
  2. Its provide all the widgets that is very important for your blogspot.
  3. very easy to handle and easy to customize.
  4. its have a have thousands of free beautiful themes.


  1. If you going to make money from your blogspot though Google adsence, plz do not register to wordpress. wordpress dose not allow to post ads or PPC on your blogspot.
  2. there are no plug-in on


  1. Its not have much templates but you can download hundreds of free professional looking templates and apply them to your blogspot.
  2. As WordPress’s widgets Google blogger have gadgets.
  3. You can customize your blogger as you want.
  4. you can earn money from your blogs with Google adsence.


  1. In some cases you , you needs some basic knowledge of HTML.
  2. If you compare looks between WordPress and Blogger,I would say that wordpress have a professional look.


If you going to create only a blog website than I will completely with WordPress. because its more professional than Blogger and if you want to make money with your blogs than i will suggest you to create blogspot with blogger.
choose your’s blogger or wordpress.
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