Top Three Run Game

Hi friends today I am going list out some most popular run game. Let begin this.

1- Temple Run – All knows that temple run is very famous run game. It is available in to variants . Temple run and temple run 2. Both are well graphics and good sounded game. I love to play Temple run because of there simplicity. And of course it is easy to play. I have some complain for developers of temple run that temple run 2 have very hard graphics structure. The one thing that I love in temple run 2 is its provide relive  option.


2– Subway surf – this game is in my favorite list. This game have many update version. As temple run this is also a run type game. That one thing , temple run is a run game as well  as motion based game but subway surf is pure run type game. You have to just swipe the screen.


3- Team awesome – Team awesome is very basic game but the graphics in this game is awesome. There is no comparison between this game and above two. This game have some high quality graphics. The sound quality of this game is good. The camera view is good. Overall this game  deserve this name TEAM AWESOME.


These are the best run type game 2013. Hope you enjoy this. Do not forget to follow our blog. Thanks you.


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